Creature Feature

     Welcome to our website. We are supporting an amazing cause with an non-profitable organization.  In the year 2020, a majority of Central America's ecosystems are losing an important component due to human activity. Red eyed tree frogs are now in the process of extinction.  As environmental scientists we have been assigned to protect an important species of frogs. We must rebalance the rainforest's ecosystem, convince, the Central American Government to fund the relocation of frogs.

Our site includes:
The Abiotic And Biotic Elements of the Rainforest
The Populations Of Organsms in the Rainforest
The Producers, Consumers, And Decomposers In The Rainforest
The Microorganisms In Rainforest
The Food Webs For The Rainforest
The Needs Of The Living Things In The Rainforest
The Economic, Environmental And Social Factors To Be Considered In The Management
Of The Rainforest Habitat
Scientific Vocabulary

red eyed tree frog. =)