Scientific Vocabulary

Abiotic: A abiotic element a non-living thing.
Examples of Abiotic elements:
-Computers / Technology.

Biotic: A biotic element is something that has or had life.
A dead animal/human is considered a Biotic element.
Examples of biotic elements

Producer: A biotic (living thing) factor that can make it's own food. These organisms are green because of chlorophyll. All plants are producers.
Examples of producers:

Consumer: An organism that gets its food from (eating) other living things (biotic), in order to have enough energy to survive or reproduce.
-Most Bats

Decomposers:They may look like they don’t do a thing but decomposers are the most important kind of species. Without Decomposers the Tropical Rain Forest would be piled high with branches, rotting trees decaying fruits. All of the decomposers team up and work together to decompose plant matter. In six weeks all of the litter would be composed, the Tropical Rain Forest Biome has the fasting working decomposers out of all other biomes. For example to decompose a log you would have termites eating it so eventually their wouldn’t be any fallen branches on the ground to rot, or any organic litter. So as you can see the decomposers are very important!
Examples of Decomposers:
-Insects & Parasites

Food Web: A food web, is a diagram explaining how energy from food or prey is transferred through animals and plants.

Populations: The number of plants and animals in an ecosystem.

Ecosystem: Within all species individuals interact with each other - feeding together, mating together, and living together. Some species have a pecking order as well, and each individual has a role to play within it. 

A Biome: A biome is a large area characterized by certain types of plants and animals. A biome is defined by  interactions of plants and animals with the climate, geology (rock formations), soil types, water resources, and latitude (position north or south on the globe) of an area.
Example: A desert.

An Organism: In biology, an organism is any living system (such as animal,plants , fungus, or micro-organism.)