The Food Webs for the Rainforest

a food web for the rainforest.
       This food web for the rainforest consists of many different plants and animals. The plants are at the bottom of the food web because they're producers and they make their own food and when other animals eat them, they get the energy they need from the food that the plants. The primary consumers are next in the food web. Since some are herbivores, they can only eat plants. But the set of animals that are next, are mostly carnivores so they eat the herbivores, and some of them eat insects. The animals at the top of the food web are carnivores too, but they are bigger and stronger than the ones before them.
        The red eyed tree frog is a carnivore, so it eats many insects by sticking out it's tongue, some small invertebrates, and it sometimes may eat other small frogs. But the red eyed tree frog is also apart of other animals' diets like different types of spiders, snakes, bats, and birds.