The Economic, Environmental and Social Factors to be Considered in the Management of the Rainforest Habitat

 Economic Factors: Some economic factors that should be considered, would be the cost of the rainforest if it was manmade.
Another factor to be considered is the cost to keep in maintained. Such as weekly / monthly cleaning.
Another Cost would be the price to keep it maintained, and the cost to repopulate the area's, and keep the site/area, protected from human activity.

 Enviromental Factors:
 Some enviromental factors, to be considered is that the enviroment, would have to be very clean and unpolluted, since that could harm the biotic elements living there. No human activity, such as cutting down trees, feeding the animals, and hunting the animals should be a law.

 Social Factors: Some social factors to consider are: what happens if a rainforest is built next to a residential areas. Some factors to be considered is the noise from the frogs and the fact that some frogs might escape, enter some homes and probably get killed and/or banned.

These factors should be considered.