The Abiotic and Biotic Elements of the Rainforest

plants of the rainforest.
What Biotic elements lives in a tropical rainforest ?
 The combination and heat makes the tropical rainforest, the perfect enviroment for more then, 15 million plants and animals. Some animals of the tropical rainforest are the jaguar, the anteater, and of course the red eye tree frog, among the many plant species, such as bambo, banana trees, and rubber trees. The Tropical Rainforest biome is the richest source of plant life in the whole entire earth, with temperatures around 70-90 degrees and lots of water supply, this makes this biome a perfect place for large amounts of plant life. In the Tropical Rainforest there is so much different and unique plants, that scientists don’t even know all of them. Here are just a few plants that are now commonly grown and sold to people across the world that originally came from the rainforest. Avocado, bananas, coffee, lemon, orange, peanut, peppers, and pineapples. Many producers, consumers, primary consumers, secondary consumers lurk in the tropical rainforest.

What Abiotic elements have an impact in the rainforest?
 Well there are many abiotic elements, that the rest of the world shares. There is the warm soft breezes, the sun /sunlight, soil (for the decomposers), as mentioned above, there is lots of water, for the biotic features of the rainforest. Without these elements, most biotic (living) elements in the rainforest would die. Usually, it ends up raining in the rainforest for rain is also a abiotic elements of the rainforest. Ocassionally, there may be rocks in the rainforest, but they are not as important.